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we are committed to revolutionizing the way you experience financial transactions. Our cutting-edge payment platform is designed with your convenience in mind, offering a secure and efficient solution for all your Global financial transactions.

  • Multi-currency business accounts to pay and get paid globally.
  • 24/7 instant payment, bank-beating FX rates.

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Our goal is to empower your financial freedom by providing beyond banking cross border payment services. 

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international merchants welcome. We accept non-resident directors and UBOs.

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Our Happy Clients

"RBK Payments has revolutionized Rubbex Conveyors' international transactions, notably with ZAR, USD, GBP, and INR. Their multi-currency IBANs simplified cross-border payments, reducing complexity. Competitive pricing resulted in substantial cost savings. We highly recommend RBK Payments for efficient global transactions."

Vinodkumar R. Director Of Rubbex Conveyors

ELAP Global's trading operations have been revolutionized by RBK Payments, especially in simplifying international transactions with USD. RBK's tailored solutions and responsive support have driven a notable 7% revenue increase. Their platform streamlines foreign currency transactions, cutting unnecessary charges, and enhancing our business efficiency."

Bizanjo Khuda D. Director of Elaf Global.

"RBK Pay has been a lifesaver for OSG International, ensuring secure transactions and peace of mind in managing global client relationships. Its remarkable speed and simplicity make it our preferred choice for seamless cross-border transactions. Highly recommended for companies like ours dealing in currencies such as the dollar and dirham."

Omkar Gagare Director of OSG International

"RBK Pay has proven invaluable to ARB Impex Corporation, a global exporter of food products, by securely paying suppliers worldwide. Its efficiency ensures timely fund arrivals, while its reliability, transparency, and user-friendliness significantly ease our financial operations. Highly recommended for seamless international payments."

Aabasaheb B. Director of ARB Impex Corporation

"RBK Pay revolutionized my freelance career, simplifying transactions for focused work. No collateral requirements and increased liquidity offer essential financial freedom, streamlining processes. Its user-friendly platform ensures seamless transactions, empowering creative pursuits while providing reliability and security for freelance ."

Maria S Freelance Creative

"RBK Pay stands out in the fintech landscape. Its global reach and local touch make international investments smoother than ever. The commitment to no collateral requirements is a breath of fresh air. Now indispensable for my global investment strategy, RBK Pay's innovative approach redefines international finance navigation."

Robert H. Global Investor

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